The UK to Ireland ferry experts

We believe that travel to Ireland is so much more straight forward when you take the car. You can take everything you need. The luggage, the dog, the bikes, the canoe, the in-laws/babysitters with no excess baggage charges and no hassle. Drive up to the port, give them your booking details, drive on to the boat and relax. Better still, you have your own car when you get there. 

When you arrive in Ireland, you'll find that you don't want to rush. Take your time and explore. There is so much to experience in Ireland whether you are looking for cultural enlightenment, stunning scenery or just a bit of craic! There is something for everyone.

The Sweeney family have nearly 20 years experience sending people over and back to Ireland by ferry. Originating from Donegal, their endeavours to find the best prices available have resulted in great savings over the years.

At Donegal Travel we are constantly searching for the best deal so you don't have to. We only do ferry bookings between UK and Ireland, so we know our stuff. You don't have to be travelling to Donegal, we are happy to talk you through all the routes available to help you make your decision easier.

We've recently been featured in an Irish magazine article. Click the article below to see the full-sized version.

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